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The winery J. Flores wants the wine to always express it is elegance from the beginning, in the vineyards. The raw material has to be selected. The wine is made by manipulating as little as possible the grapes, respecting and pampering meticulously. 


After the harvest, the grapes reach the winery. In the winery, the grapes are analyzed to know: the degree, the acidity, the color and the phytosanitary status. Depending on theses parameters, the grapes are classified and we reject the grapes that do not reach the level required for our wines.

The clusters used fot the elaboration of our wines are collected in boxes of 20 kilos, this facilitates that they arrieve at the winery in perfect condition. Subsequently, the clusters pass through the selection zone, where they eliminate those that present some irregularity. Then, the clusters pass to the destemmer, where the root of the grapes is separated and afterwards the grapes are introduced in the deposits, where the fermentation takes place.


Fermentation is the natural process by which the must turns into wine. In the alcoholic fermentation, the sugar is transformed into alcohol and carbonic gas, pushing the grapes skins upwards. The pumping allow the must to continue extracting the properties of the grapes skins. The temperature control os this process isperfomed with cooling jackets.

Once this fermentation is finished, the wine is discarded by seprating the pulp from the liquid. Thus it is passed to the malolactic fermentation.


Malolactic fermentation consists of the traansformation of malic acid into lactic acid. This happens by bacteria that are naturally founf in the grape itself and, also in freshly fermented wine.

In the elaboration of our red wines, the transformation of this acid helps is to reduce the acidity and to give a more pleasant and voluminous sensation in the mouth. As for the aroma, with malolactic fermenatation we get more smoothness and unctuousness in the wine.

As is commonm part of our wines will ferment in stainless steel tanks, always controlling the temperature.


Wine is a living being that reaches maturity in the wood, where it gains new atributes, serenity and experience. This wood, which is noble matter, always alive and diverse, must be carefully chosen, because according to it is properties it transmits specific and distinct characteristics to the wines.

The minimum aging time in barrel is 9 months for aok, time necessary to successfully complete ripening.

Already with a very marked personality, in a final phase of aging our wine is put in bottles of 75 Cl. In the metallic crates room where the wine rests and is rounded for several months. Thanks to a constannt temperature of 16-17 ◦C, the wines finish their elaboration process.


During this stage, the wine remains at rest in a bottle in which no oxygen enters. The cork seals the bottle and prevents ot from penetrating the oxygen, so that the elements of the wine react with each other.

The bottles are always in a horizontal position so that the cork is moistened. The bottles are isolated in the winery to avoid the air and sudden changes of tmeperature.