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Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology. With them we manage to produce quality wines with the grapes we cultibate ourselves.

We elaborate our wine in a traditional way but at the same time we make use of the new technologies. Our technologies allow our wines to be more aromatic, stable over time, and have character and personality.

100% of the elaborated wine remains in stainless steel tanks that have temperature control and water jacket, with them we can check the temperature of the tank at all times.

During the production phase we take the necessary measures to protect our wines, for this we carry out analyzes in the laboratory of the must, the wine, in a continuous way.

All phases of winemaking, as well as it is conservation and bottling, are carried out in our own facilities


The area of deposits is where the initial process of winemaking takes place. Always respecting the personality of our wine.

In this area are our deposits, these are stainless steel and different capacities.

They are also composed of filtration equipment and temperature stabilizers.


The tasting room is the main meeting area, it is used as a reception, waiting and selling place.

This room is the ideal place to start and end guided tours. In this room you can enjoy our wines and immortalize this moment by making some photography. The result is a pleasant and exclusive experience available to all visitors.

When you taste our wines you can perciebe the values of our winery, perceiving tradition and innovation, care and respect for the product.


The barrel room is equipped for the aging and the reservation of our wines.

In this room all the necessary processes are carried out to control the maturity and the aging of the wine. For this, the room has an air conditioning system that controls the temperature steadily.

The barrels that we find in this room are of high range, besides barrels of wood of American Oak and French Oak.