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Rosé J Flores

This wine is characterized by its beautiful raspberry pink color and with an enveloping mouth and a bit sweet. It is worth sharing with friends in a snack or in any family celebration.



Type: Rosé

Vintage: 2018

Grade: 13% vol.

Variety: 100% Tempranillo

Energy value: 85 calories (100 ml.)


Age: Average of 20 years.

Soil: Clay-calcareous, with brown areas and an alluvial part.

Climate: Marginally continental with Atlantic influence, with very cold winters and very hot summers, with little rainfall and a wide temperature range between day and night.



Harvest: Manual in boxes of 20 kg.

Spontaneous fermentation, without the presence of skins, carried out at a controlled temperature.

Selection of the most mature to achieve greater structure with 100% Tempranillo grape.


VIEW: Intense raspberry pink, clean and very bright.

NOSE: High aromatic concentration of red berries, very elegant, with a toasted and vanilla background, contributed by the barrel.

MOUTH: Delicious, creamy and full of memories. Long and persistent mouth pass with many aromas.


Pairing: fish tartar, rice and fideuá rice, risotto with morels and foie gras, grilled sardines.

Service temperature: 8 ° C.

Consumption: Optimal from the moment of purchase and until 2020.